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Apr. 19th, 2007 @ 09:00 pm More Toby
I really need to get my lazry arse moving and write some Bill/Jim - aw well

Title: The Gospel
Rating: R
Pairing: twisted Toby/Peter
Summary: a weird monologue, POV thing of Toby's about Peter - rather...odd.

A reading of the Gospel according to Toby.

1 They say that man should be like Jesus. But I am not. I will take a man and cut him down. 2 I will take a match and burn his feet, then burn his house with his children inside till nothing remains. 3 I will be his teacher, I will be his healer, I will be his prophet.
4 I will hurt you, burn your skin till it's black as ebony and you are writhing under me (all sweet sent and whimpers). 5 I will hurl you against your crown of thorns to make you bleed. 6 Let the blood stain the linen you wear. Feel the pain that you caused me, let your body be bruised and broken. 7 Let those scars that will eventually form remind you, always remind you.
8 I will then take you from your crown of thorns, remove the burden from your shoulders. 9 I will wipe your face and bathe your wounds. Wrap you up in new linen. 10 Pure white linen to hide your scared, bruised, burned body. 11 I will make you new, after you are torn apart. I will baptize you anew and my body you shall glorify, hold as sacred and worship (with delicious whimpering prayers). 12 I will make you know, understand, my pain, my shame, and you will know and remember. 13 And every night you will be born again, you will be purified as I wash your feet with my tears

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